Integration and test strategies

Model-based planning of optimised integration and test processes

The integration and test (I&T) phase of large, complex systems is time-consuming, laborious and costly: it can easily take 50% of project resources. During this phase many activities and tasks are performed. Components are collected, tested, diagnosed, repaired, integrated, combined into subsystems, tested again, integrated into larger subsystems, etc. Moreover, there are many dependencies among these different activities. Sophisticated strategies and careful planning of I&T activities are necessary to keep costs under control. 

Model-based integration and test planning makes it possible to optimise the planning of I&T activities. It reduces overall time, effort and cost, while increasing the delivered product’s quality.

Integration and test strategies Integration and test strategies Integration and test strategies

Method details

Method description

  1. List the necessary steps and activities in the I&T phase
  2. Analyse the dependencies between the steps and activities
  3. Identify possible faults, their risks, and the tests detecting them
  4. Estimate the time and effort required for each individual step
  5. Automatically calculate an optimised I&T plan (according to time, effort, cost or risk)
  6. If unforeseen disruptions or changes occur, automatically recalculate an updated plan

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