Fast fault diagnosis and location

Locating failure root causes in large software systems

Development of large, software-intensive systems is increasingly performed by multiple teams, often at various locations around the globe. Detecting and solving failures is performed during testing and integrating, a process which is taking ever longer – in some cases up to 50% of the product development time. Diagnosing the root cause of failures is not only time-consuming but is also based on expertise of key personnel.

The Spectrum-based Fault Localisation (SFL) method for software root cause location analysis is easy to apply, can be used without specific knowledge and can be performed automatically. As a result, applying SFL to complex embedded software applications provides an effective means of reducing the software test and integration phase.


Fast fault diagnosis and location

Method details

Method description

  1. Equip software code with extra observation points
  2. Perform tests
  3. Observe pass/failure for each test and note observation points involved
  4. Perform statistical algorithms to determine the most likely failure-prone piece of software

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