Quantitative architecture investment analysis

Aligning architectural choices with business strategy

System architectures are among an enterprise’s most important assets. Extending and improving these architectures is often considered a strategic need. However, it is very hard to predict the impact of changes on business objectives. Rather than being supported by quantitative considerations, the decision making process is often based on intuition and experience.

Strategy-focused architectural decision-making is a structured process to clarify the relationship between business strategy and system architecture. In this way decisions can be taken on a solid basis of quantitative understanding.

Quantitative architecture investment analysis

Method details

Method description

  1. Connect business goals to architecture via a strategy map
  2. Propose architecture scenarios with distinct business impacts
  3. Estimate business value using scorecards
  4. Evaluate and recommend

Research project

  • Darwin


Industrial partners:

  • Philips Healthcare
  • Philips Research


Business manager:

Frans Beenker


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