Product-in-context analysis

Challenging and sharing business & technical viewpoints

Successful organisations pay close attention to the development of shared goals & objectives to facilitate communication and coordination between disciplines. The result is a product that fits better in the market (make the right product) and a more efficient organisation (do it right).

‘Product-in-context’ (PIC) analysis is an excellent method for initialising and supporting product development. It provides a structured approach for creating, challenging, and sharing ‘business’ and ‘technical’ viewpoints.

A thorough PIC analysis incorporates customer needs, product usage, key technology and design challenges.

Product-in-context analysis

Key benefits

  • Broader understanding and alignment of the views of business managers, and marketers, technical leaders and other decision makers
  • More competitive and profitable products that are well tuned to the market and company needs
  • Improved cooperation between departments within the organisation
  • Better commercial and technical product structure to facilitate a variety of options

Method details

Method description

  1. Select a broad PIC, define the analysis goals
  2. Organise a series of multi-viewpoint analysis workshops on Customer, Application, Functions, Concepts and Realisation (CAFCR) views
  3. Consolidate results and insights
  4. Present and discuss within the organisation

Research project

  • Condor


Industrial partner:

  • FEI

Academic partner:

  • Buskerud University College


Business manager:

Frans Beenker


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