A product development framework

Comprehensive support for mixed-team cooperation

Product development for complex high-tech systems often involves various design teams and multiple discipline teams, covering aspects such as software, electronics and mechatronics. Models are developed in each of these disciplines. At each design stage and in each team, dedicated sets of tools, methods and techniques are deployed, each creating a proprietary set of design models and data.

Product development framework

The Design Framework (DF) is both an approach and support tool. It focuses on integrating models built with different formalisms and design data that emerge from the individual design teams. DF builds a repository of key design parameters that allows the design parameters and their interdependencies to be validated, both between disciplines and the various levels of abstractions. The repository maintains information that identifies when and why a model has been made, and allows design rationales to be traced across design phases.

Product development framework

Product development framework

Method details

Method features

  • Capture the design rationale throughout product life-cycle phases
  • Relate models and their analyses to concrete design problems
  • Deal with partial modelling
  • Deal with heterogeneous models
  • Validate design parameters and their dependencies
  • Provide multi-disciplinary system overview through multiple views

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