A3 system overview

Concise documenting of key system characteristics

Most high-tech systems are specified using a large number of documents that vary widely in content and form. It’s an approach that involves many risks: documentation becomes out-of-date, incomplete, inconsistent and increasingly difficult to access. As a result, product developers may operate and make design decisions on inadequate or outdated system representations.

In the A3 approach, architectural overviews are presented in A3-format as graphical and textual representations. The complete system is documented in terms of a limited set of system concepts. Furthermore, each concept is represented by multiple connected system views that demonstrate the interdependencies between the different views.

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A3 system overview

Method details

Method description

  1. Select key architectural concept and target audience
  2. Capture the following information on a single A3 sheet:
    •  Functional overview
    •  Physical overview
    •  Design decisions and key system
  3. Evaluate and, if needed, adapt and repeat all steps

Research project

  • Darwin


Industrial partner:

  • Philips Healthcare

Academic partner:

  • University of Twente


Business manager:

Frans Beenker


+31 (0)88-866 5420