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MasCot: four projects selected

Four insightful and innovative research projects will start in the Partnership Mastering Complexity (MasCot). NWO and ESI (TNO) fund research in the next generation of engineering methodologies.

ESI helps Thermo Fisher and Philips grease their software machines

When new feature development for its electron microscopes started to get hampered by older software, Thermo Fisher Scientific called on TNO joint innovation center ESI to clean up its code and make it future-proof. The approach developed in their public-private partnership was also successfully adopted by Philips to tackle the legacy challenge in its medical scanners. Source: Bits and Chips

Envision it: new TNO campaign

What seemed impossible yesterday, is a matter of course today. But what is progress? How can innovation make a difference to tomorrow? The goal of the new 'Envision it' campaign is to make TNO known and loved as 'impactful', 'resourceful' and 'innovative', while maintaining our reliable image. Our new corporate campaign therefore focuses on the impact of our innovations.

Benny Åkesson, professor by special appointment of Design Methodologies for Cyber-Physical Systems UvA

Dr B. Åkesson has been appointed professor by special appointment of Design Methodologies for Cyber-Physical Systems on the Faculty of Science at University of Amsterdam (UvA).

EUREKA award for ITEA project Reflexion

Impact from data for high-tech industry pays off Today, the TNO-led ITEA project Reflexion received the EUREKA award. The award recognises the impact of the project, the potential to strengthen competitiveness and the successful collaboration between SMEs and large companies. Earlier this week, the project was already rewarded with the ITEA Award of Excellence.

Reflexion project nominated for ITEA Award of Excellence

The ITEA Board Support Group selected the Reflexion project for the ITEA Award of Excellence. The Reflexion project has been selected with the comments by the ITEA Board Support Group: "All in all, extremely remarkable results". The awards focus on the key achievements for ITEA: Innovation, Business impact and Standardisation.

TNO, Obeo and Altran manage the complexity of high-tech systems

TNO, Obeo and Altran manage the complexity of high-tech systems Bridging the innovation gap Bringing advanced development methodologies for software engineering to the market During the ESI symposium on 9 April, TNO, Obeo and Altran signed a memorandum of understanding to work together on solutions for this complexity. The theme of the ESI symposium is "Intelligence, the next challenge in system engineering"? More than 450 system engineers from the broad high-tech industry and academic network of ESI attended the symposium.

ESI symposium 2019

Intelligence, the next challenge in system complexity? This years theme attracted over 450 participants to the ESI symposium 2019. 2 keynotes, 14 industrial lectures, 4 ESI lectures, 19 boothes at the innovation market, and the signing of the MoU with Obeo and Altran, made the symposium into a successful event.

ESI symposium 2019

Intelligence, the next challenge in system complexity? Date: April 9, 2019: 09h00-18h00 Venue: Auditorium TU/e Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven NL Keynotes: - Professor Edward A. Lee, EECS Department, University of California, Berkeley: Intelligence and Computation, - Henk van Houten, CTO and Head of Research for Royal Philips: Digitalization and AI in support of Value Based Care

Are you a complexitect?

Intense competition, an ongoing battle for talent, new technologies, shifting business models; the high-tech industry faces many extrinsic challenges. A major challenge however, comes from the inside: how to manage (and make good use of) the ever-increasing complexity? High-tech companies need to develop professionals that are able to look and think beyond the borders of a discipline, department or even the company itself.

ESI symposium 2019

Intelligence, the next challenge in system complexity? Date: April 9, 2019: 09h00-18h00 Venue: Auditorium TU/e Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven NL Costs: free of charge Registration: closed, contact the ESI secretariat High-tech systems are integrating more and more intelligence, which increases engineering complexity. At the 2019 ESI Symposium we will discuss the challenges this presents and initial directions for managing, and coping with, the growing complexity.

RERS 2019 challenge

The Transposition project (ESI/ASML) works on model inference. Interface protocols are inferred to support re-engineering of legacy components. To obtain the best performing techniques to infer behavioral models, ESI and ASML co-organize the RERS 2019 challenge, in collaboration with TU Dortmund and the Radboud University. Contestants can submit their solutions until March 22.



New address

ESI moved to the High Tech Campus.

Truck Platooning technology ready for the public roads

EcoTwin consortium: trucks drive at 0.3 seconds apart, automatically and safely

Method for mixed criticality system architecture development

The challenge: develop a driver assistance system with which three trucks can follow each other automatically and safely at 85 km/h with only a minimal inter-truck distance. Instead of trucks TNO-ESI rather thinks in building blocks or units. These trucks could also have been parcels or printing systems.

Complex to complicated

During his speech at TNO-ESI's 2017 Symposium on 'Managing Complexity' professor Dinesh Verma seemed to alternate between the philospher's, the linguist's and the engineer's approach to complexity and complication. It turned out that aspects from these fields together worked out fine to explain how the system architect got in his present situation and where he is at: he somehow needs to cope with complexity. “We need a lot more systems engineering institutes”, Verma sighs.

Océ embraces complexity

As high-tech systems almost equal complexity, Océ has decided to embrace this complexity as a way to master it. Two approaches stand out: to apply modeling to quantify uncertainty as much as possible and as a way to move towards virtual prototyping. The second aspect is to create as flat an R&D hierarchy as possible to create maximum flexibility and to make the most of each individual's contribution in development.

New benchmark in truck platooning

New benchmark in truck platooning: 30 times faster than human reaction time

2nd ESI-IESE Industrial Workshop in Eindhoven

Themes: Software legacy and System architecture & architectural viewpoints

TNO-ESI Design Framework in the picture

Stop building physical prototypes, start model-based product development - keynote lecture by Lars Idema (High Tech Systems 2017).

New release of POOSL 4.0

We are pleased to announce the new POOSL 4.0 release.

Jeroen Voeten parttime professor at TU/e Electrical Engineering

Jeroen Voeten appointed as part time Professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology, department Electrical Engineering - Electronic Systems (NL).

Model Management - VAMOS’17

Pitch Bart Theelen at VAMOS'17

To lead technology without leaving technology


Slimmere machines slimmer ontwerpen

Interview met Jeroen Voeten, TNO-ESI

Innovating in and around legacy code

Interview with John Koster/ASML in Bits & Chips - referring to the TNO-ESI project. "Legacy code is no excuse; you have to travel with the tide of innovation".


Rejuvenation of invisible software

Embedded software: you can't see it, but it's there.

SiriusCon 2016: Integrating Textual and Graphical Editing in the POOSL IDE

Last week Arjan Mooij - TNO-ESI - presented the Eclipse-based IDE for POOSL at SiriusCon 2016 in Paris.

Smart algorithms monitor marine traffic (Metis)

In the last decade marine traffic has increased considerably. To deal with this increase of responsibility cost effective situational awareness systems needed to be developed. These systems must be able to monitor and analyze thousands of objects and highlight any that may present a risk.

Paradigm shift is an opportunity for high-tech industry

The Internet of Things is really starting to take hold as the price of sensors plummets, opening the way for the industry to optimise processes and seize interesting new market opportunities. In April the TNO-ESI symposium considered the impact of the paradigm shift in embedded systems engineering. The two German keynote speakers suggested that this signifies nothing short of a revolution.

Cooperation between TNO-ESI and Fraunhofer IESE ratified through Memorandum of Understanding

The research group for Embedded Systems Innovation (TNO-ESI) of the Netherlands Organization for Applied Research (TNO) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (Fraunhofer IESE) will intensify their cooperation on research and development for high-tech and software-intensive systems.

Successful 2016 Symposium

Attracting around 350 participants the TNO-ESI Symposium centred on the theme "A Paradigm Shift in Embedded Systems Engineering". The participants were offered an extensive full-day programme of presentations and discussions.




NEW: Software architect competence development programme

TNO-ESI has developed a new education programme intended for software architects in the high-tech (embedded systems) industry, to advance their software architecture craftmanship skills.

TNO-ESI partner in Thales' Top Class System Architecting

TNO-ESI is one of the key-partners in the Top Class system architecting programme of Thales Nederland.

Partnerraad TNO-ESI uitgebreid

Op 24 juni is Thales Nederland toegetreden als lid van de partnerraad van TNO-ESI. Andere leden van de TNO-ESI partnerraad zijn: ASML, Océ, Philips, TNO, Technische Universiteit Delft, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven en de Universiteit Twente.

Staying at the forefront of innovation

After a successful first edition TNO-ESI and NXP Semiconductors again set up a dedicated training programme. 16 top engineers followed the training programme from September 2012-June 2013 to become system architects.

Domain architect development programme open for subscription

Fall 2013 we will again start a new competence development programme for Domain Architects. Although exact dates of this 4th training programme are to be defined, you can already register. Click here for more information.

Successful TNO-ESI Symposium 2013

We are looking back at a successful symposium. The interest in TNO-ESI was clearly shown by the high number of participants that actively participated in the different sessions and discussions.

Embedding in TNO saves Embedded Systems Institute for Dutch high-tech industry

As per the 1st of January, the Embedded Systems Institute (ESI) is integrated in TNO as Embedded Systems Innovation by TNO. The ESI expertise is a major enhancement of the TNO efforts in the field of design and engineering of software-intensive high-tech systems.

Inbedding in TNO behoudt Embedded Systems Institute voor NL hightech industrie

Per 1 januari is het Embedded Systems Institute (ESI) ingebed in TNO onder de naam ‘Embedded Systems Innovation by TNO’. De ESI expertise is een belangrijke versterking van de TNO inspanningen op het gebied van ontwerp en engineering van software intensieve hightech systemen.


OOTIs graduated at ESI

Roshan Kotian and Martin Palatnik, both PDEng trainees at 3TU.School for Technological Design, Stan Ackermans Institute in Eindhoven, took the challenge to execute their final projects at ESI. Roshan participated in the Poseidon project, whereas Martin joined forces with the Octo+ project team.

Announcement ESI Symposium 2013

Our next annual symposium will take place on Wednesday 10 April 2013, in the Auditorium of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Evolvability of complex systems

Evolvability is the capability of a system to adapt to changes. An organisation that develops and maintains systems needs to be able to adapt them to changing circumstances in limited time, with reasonable effort, and in a predictable way. ESI research fellows edited a special issue of the journal 'Advanced Engineering Informatics' on this subject.

Leading through learning

Together with NXP Semiconductors, ESI set up a training programme for NXP architects. The first programme started in November 2011 and finished in July 2012. A new group of 16 engineers will start their 1-year programme on 5 September 2012.

Public defense PhD thesis based on research in Condor project

On June 21, 2012, David Rijlaarsdam will defend his PhD thesis 'Frequency domain based performance optimization of systems with static nonlinearities'. Auditorium TU/e, 16.00 hrs.

From scientific instrument to industrial machine

This book on the results of the Condor project, is about coping with architectural stress in embedded systems. Edited by ESI research fellows Richard Doornbos and Sjir van Loo, and published by Springer.

TISA Achievement Award 2012 for Teun Hendriks

ESI research fellow Teun Hendriks was unanimously awarded as the winner of the Traveller Information Services Association (TISA) Achievement Award 2012.

ESI at Hannover Messe 2012

23 - 27 April 2012. ESI was part of the Holland High Tech House in the Research & Technology fair in Hall 2, booth A02.

Lorraine Liang's work in Falcon wins TU/e ST prize 2012

Lorraine Liang, developer of graphical editor in ESI’s Falcon project, wins TU/e Software Technology prize 2012

Poseidon research thesis nominated for Thales PhD prize 2012

Niels Willems’ PhD thesis on ‘Visualization of Vessel Traffic’ was nominated for the Thales PhD prize 2012. His research was conducted as part of ESI’s Poseidon project in close cooperation with Thales Nederland.

Parels dreigen te verdwijnen

27/01/2012: Ineke Dezentjé Hamming-Bluemink, voorzitter FME-CWM, bezoekt de 3 top technologie instituten Holst, M2i en ESI om kennis te nemen van hun waarde voor de topsector HTSM en de gevolgen van de dreigende discontinuering van de rijksbijdrage voor deze TTI's.


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