Open enrolment programme

The programme combines theory and practical training in 'real-life' cases from the participant's own professional environment. The focus is on system architecting and technical leadership. And as participants are from multiple high-tech companies, the programme also involves sharing and exchanging experiences with other participants.

Participants will be trained to apply system architecting methods and to show technical leadership in their own professional environment. On a regular base they have to present their insights and results to key stakeholders and senior management of their own company.

Each participant is personally coached by a senior architect with extensive experience in high-tech system innovation and architecture.


Typical goals of our open enrolment development programmes are:

  • to develop ownership/responsibility on (sub)system level in broad innovation context;
  • to accelerate product innovation;
  • to create insight in possible design strategies, related choices and the consequences for market, product, technology and organisation;
  • to create a common understanding and way of working.

Key topics

  • Business & innovation context
  • Customer application domain
  • Value proposition and key differentiators
  • Architecture & Design in a multi-stakeholder environment
  • Technical leadership in a highly innovative and changing environment

Programme information

Programme setup

  • The programme consists of multiple modules of 2-4 days
  • Participants from multiple companies; in total minimum 10 to maximum 16 participants
  • Participant work on a case derived from their own company
  • Total lead time of the programme is fourteen months

Joris van den Aker

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