In-company programme

After a thorough intake with senior management, the participants work in teams on one or more company-specific product innovation cases.

The teams are coached by industrial experts with extensive experience in high-tech system innovation. Teams are expected to present their insights and result on a regular basis to senior management.

It is possible to combine face-to-face learning with online learning activities. A blended learning format meets the demands for efficient learning and training for professionals, under the pressure of job duties.

For an example of a blended training course we refer to the course 'Architecting for Business Value'.


Staying on edge in one discipline is a challenge, let alone covering the integration of all disciplines including mechatronics, software, photonics, AI, and much more into one comprehensive system. Companies increasingly need architects that are capable of managing multiple levels of abstraction in a multi-stakeholder environment.

Typical goals of our in-company development programmes are:

  • to accelerate product innovation in the early phases of product development
  • to create insight in possible design strategies, related choices and the consequences for market, product, technology and organisation
  • to create a common understanding and way of working

Key topics

  • Business & innovation context. Get the true requirements from customers and create alignment between stakeholders & project teams.
  • See relationships between disciplines and help team members to understand & respect those relationships.
  • Balance technical risks & opportunities with the desired end result.
  • Provide the big picture perspective.
  • Value proposition and key differentiators. Translate technical jargon into business or operational terms & vice versa. 
  • Manage emergence in both the project and the system.
  • Rise above the noise and focus on potential pitfalls.
  • Architecture & Design in a multi-stakeholder environment
  • Technical leadership in a highly innovative and changing environment

Programme information

Programme set-up

  • An in-company programme consists of multiple two- or three-day workshops
  • The workshops are highly interactive and tuned to company-specific cases
  • Lead time is four to twelve months

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