Architecting for Business Value

Aligning architectural choices with market needs and business strategy

The development of latest high-tech solutions not only requires specialists knowledge and skills, but increasingly also system-level and architectural competencies.

System architects must also have insight in the complexities of the market, and be able to translate overall product objectives into technical solutions, address design integration across disciplines and ensure that the product’s functional and extra-functional requirements are met.

This course is designed for system architects working in companies developing complex high-tech systems who should have knowledge of architecture and of the impact of marketing and business on product and technology. 

It is a blended learning course with online lectures and a face-to-face workshop. A blended learning format meets the demands for efficient learning and training for professionals, under the pressure of job duties.

Please find below a small selection of online lectures:

Introduction Architecting for Business Value

Business context

Architect: Way of Working CACFR+ Introduction

Learning goals

By the end of the course participants will have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of system architecting and a working knowledge of how to reason about system architectures from a marketing, business and R&D point of view.

Contents and format

It is a blended learning course combining face-to-face learning (60%) with online learning (40%).

The course consists of 3 modules (as illustrated below). The first module is the individual preparation and is an online learning activity. The second module is a 3-days face-to-face seminar. The closing module concerns reflective homework, which will be carried out online. All modules include teacher interaction.

Create insights
• Watch video lectures
• Reflect on learning goals in daily
• Prepare a personal introduction
Deepen insights
• Participate in face-to-face
• Update reflection on learning
• Select top 3 reflection items
Embed insights
• Prepare reflection document
• Discuss with senior architect/
• Joint (remote) video conference

During the course, an integral team assignment will be carried out.

For more details on the contents and format of the course, click here.

Programme information

Programme set-up


a typical in-company blended learning workshop


•  Face-to-face learning:
•  Online-learning:

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In-company format

Tailored to a company's business context

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