In company workshops

ESI offers a variety of in-house workshops for system engineers and architects and key stakeholders with whom they interact.

  • Our in-company workshops are tailored to your business context and business needs.
  • All courses are multi-disciplinary by nature and combine theory with practical training. Application of theory and reflection on the participant's own professional environment is part of the training. This requires training of both architecting and professional skills.
  • Through analysis, presentations, peer discussions, and sharing of experiences, company related cases will help participants obtaining additional insight in the subject at large. This approach not only helps in gaining the required knowledge and insight in the topic at hand, but also ensures that knowledge and insights are coupled to the particpant's area of work. 
  • The workshops vary in range and scope. Some are concise and vary from 3 to 5-days , others are competence development programmes with a lead-time of up to one year and incorporate on-the-job training, coaching and senior management involvement.


For high-tech companies like NXP the ability to anticipate on trends in markets, business, and technology is pivotal to keep the  competitive edge. The Architect Accelerator Program of TNO-ESI helps us to train our young talents on the required system level competencies in order to manage the increasing complexity and develop tomorrow’s defendable business propositions in an agile way.

Thomas Wille, NXP

Blended format

We make use of a blended learning format in which we combine face-to-face with online learning activities. A blended learning format meets the demands for efficient learning and training for professionals, under the pressure of job duties. Blended learning can increase access and flexibility. The online part allows particpants to learn at their own pace and at any time, completing modules over a number of days or weeks, anywhere around the world. 

One of the workshops we offer in this format is 'Architecting for Business Value', addressing the fundamental aspects of architecting for developing high-tech embedded systems. Other blended workshops that can be offered are:

- architecting for system performance

- mastering system integration

Please find below a selection of online lectures:

Introduction Architecting for Business Value

Business context

Architect: Way of Working CACFR+ Introduction

Programme information

Our programme focuses on the development of professional skills in practice. Participants must have a college or university education and at least five years of experience in the area of high-tech product design or engineering.

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